Help with water heaters, heating and more in New Britain

At Rutkowski Plumbing & Heating in New Britain, we can help with all of your heating and water heater needs. We offer 24 hour service on all calls, and we work quickly to help in emergencies. We know that you can't wait until tomorrow to have heating in your home that works! Call the team you can rely upon to get the job done for a free estimate today!

High efficiency oil to gas conversions

We also want to make sure that you can be as efficient as possible and save you money. This Navien hot water combi unit will provide both heat and hot water and are the perfect solution to conventional chimney vented boilers. These units will increase your efficiency by up to 95%.
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Great deals on new water heaters

The last thing you want to do is settle for a subpar water heater. We have a number of outstanding water heaters for a reasonable price, and we offer a 9-year warranty on our models. We'll even install your water heater for you so you can be sure it's safe and secure and meets all of the most current requirements in the housing code. 

We can repair or replace your existing water heater

Should you need assistance with your current equipment, we can help. We'll come visit your home with our fully equipped truck, ready to work. Should we need to replace your water heater, or recommend that you upgrade your water heater, we offer a replacement service for the reasonable price of $775. Don't suffer through cold showers and washing your dishes at the pipe temperature! Let us fix your equipment today.

We help with your heating, too

You don't have to weather another cold winter with equipment that's less than efficient. Let us take care of you. We can perform all kinds of heating repairs on any heating equipment you may have - hot air, steam, or hot water. We are equipped to service Utica, Slant/Fin, Goodman, Teledyne, Laars, Navien, and many other brands. We'll keep you out of the cold by checking your thermostat and safety devices! 


This is the website for our CT homeowners to obtain zero percent financing with as little as 10% down payment. Furnace installations are also eligible for the financing if you have forced air heat. Goodman products are the right products for these installations. 
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